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Movie Daddy Visualization

The Plan

Movie Daddy is an interactive visualization of 635 movies made on Tableau software from the collected database by David McCandless. It provides users with various selections of movies and ability to narrow down their search by selecting specific categories they want to explore. The data includes genres, storylines, Rotten Tomato ratings, audience scores, and domestic gross. This interactive visualization is designed to give users the capability to find a right movie in an efficient and intuitive way.

Why Build It?

After exploring similar visualizations such as FilmStrips and What movie should we watch tonight? my group and I decided we could improve upon their designs. This interactive visualization was designed to ultimately help anyone wanting to watch movies, to select the right ones based on their interests and mood.

Tools Used

  • Tableau (responsible for the interactive elements)
  • HTML (provides some custom structuring not provided by Tableau)
  • CSS (provides some custom styling not provided by Tableau)


  1. Brainstorm visualization ideas
  2. Perform a contextual inquiry around ideas
  3. Research similar visualizations
  4. Decide on the purpose of the visualization
  5. Create sketches
  6. Initial Sketch
  7. Evaluate / critique the driving concepts and functions
  8. Create wireframe
  9. Wireframe
  10. Evaluate / critique the structure
  11. Create protoype
  12. Prototype
  13. Evaluate / critique the style
  14. Construct final product

Problems Encountered

Our early designs had various issues:

  1. Lack of variety: There was only one scatter plot on the visual.
  2. Lack of goals: The prototype throws a bunch of buttons for the users to play with but doesn’t truly help them narrow down the movie they want to watch.
  3. The data is primarily about gross: Users don’t often care about how much a movie’s income is when deciding what movie to watch.
  4. Papyrus font: Users did not like it

After discussing the 4 main concerns, our group decided we needed to focus on three things to move forward:

  1. We need to help users find the right movie so our interaction and tabs should do as such.
  2. Simplify the tasks for the user to find the correct movie for them. This method has way too many options, which may very well distract and confuse the user.
  3. Rather than having gross income of movies, bring back rotten tomatoes rating because it gives users a sense of how good movies are (helps in movie selection process).


Movie Daddy Visualization

The Application is deployed on Tableau Public and can be seen at this link