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Hearthstone Inforgraphic

The Plan

To create an infographic for the digital card game, Hearthstone that exploits all 5 forms of visual potential (i.e. it will visually convey information about location, numbers, appearance, relationships and time). The intent was for the inforgraphic to provide a statistical analysis of the game using visual elements that Hearthstone players could gain insights from in order to enhance their skill.

Why Build It?

To help establish the ability to recognize opportunities for conveying information visually, and to acquire technical skills for producing visualizations. A few of the topics I hoped to learn about were the effects of human perception, the aesthetics of information design, the mechanics of visual display, and the semiotics of iconography.

I chose the topic of the digital card game Hearthstone due to my passion for the game. I enjoy competing with other players using the complex logic puzzles embedded in the game that can be hard for many players to comprehend. I felt if I could provide a visual analysis of certain aspects of the game, it could help to illuminate statistical advantages and provide value to new players as well as experts.

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator (used to stylize and format visual elements)
  • Adobe Photoshop (used to edit individual visual elements)
  • Tableau (used to create graphs and charts)
  • Excel (used to create graphs and charts)


  1. Choose infographic topic
  2. Participate in an Adobe Illustrator workshop to learn core skills
  3. Identify data sources
  4. Infographic Data
  5. Choose color model
  6. Create charts and graphs in Excel and Tableau for each display
  7. Format charts in Illustrator
  8. Evaluate and critique inforgrapics
  9. Revise inforgraphics
  10. Perform a second critique and revision
  11. Combine all displays into a single final infographic
  12. Evaluate infographic to ensure uniformity and consistanty

Problems Encountered

The visualization I designed had a few weaknesses:

  1. I encorporated sillouettes into my bargraph in order to create a more visually appealing number display than a traditional bar graph. The consequence of this decision is that sillouettes makes it more difficult to judge the accuracy of the percentages compared to traditional bars.
  2. The biggest issue I encountered while creatign this infographic was poor data quality. I was unable to get the data I wanted directly from Blizzard, the company that made the game, so I was forced to used third party data tracking sites. This potentially could cause my infographics to portray diffent conclusions than the data from Blizzard would have provided.


The infographic I created is shown below:

Hearthstone Infograpic