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Coovil Usability Tests

The Plan

Perform usability tests on the existing application Coovil to improve user experience while using the product. Our goal was to find points of confusion and uncover areas for further iterations of design.

Why Build It?

Coovil is a free application for iPhone and Android that is popular in the middle east with 62% of it's user base located there. We wanted to help this particular application because it promotes civil engagement. Our group's intentions were to assist the creators of Coovil's transistion into the American market by providing recommendations for the application.

Tools Used

  • iPhone (to run the app)
  • Morae (recording software for the usability tests)
  • Webcam (record the usability tests)


  1. Find and screen participants
  2. Begin usability test by introducing application
  3. Cognitive walkthrough
  4. Task instructions
  5. Prototype
  6. Debreif
  7. Analyze and evaluate results
  8. Suggest improvements

Problems Encountered

Our tests had 2 primary issues:

  1. Our tests were longer than anticipated
  2. Our participants lacked diversity which lowered our results quality


Example screens I redesigned can be seen below:

Movie Daddy Visualization Movie Daddy Visualization Movie Daddy Visualization