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The Plan

Create a technology for people with depression that sends mood data to their mental health care professional and discovers mood trends or patterns.

Why Build It?

Mental health professionals need accurate mood data to treat patients. This is an issue when treating depression because a lack of motivation is a key aspect of the mood disorder and makes it difficult to track mood or even to seek out help. Our design solves this problem with a wearable that automatically tracks a user’s mood and connects to the user’s calendar. With this design, the user does not need to actively record mood or activities; all the necessary data can be collected passively, although active journaling is also an option. Our app will provide insights to bring factors that impact mood, either negatively or positively, to the user’s attention.

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator (used to stylize and format visual elements)
  • Adobe Photoshop (used to edit individual visual elements)
  • Sketchbooks (used for ideation)


  1. Project proposal
  2. Project ideation
  3. Initial Sketch
  4. Contextual inquiry
  5. Task ideation and storyboarding
  6. Wireframe
  7. Paper prototype
  8. Prototype
  9. Heuristic evaluation
  10. Usability testing
  11. Digital Mockup

Problems Encountered

Our early designs had various issues:

  1. Absence of a settings menu
  2. Initial visualization provided little to no value
  3. We used unfamiliar words that users had difficulting interpriting meaning from

Our final designs had some limitiations:

  1. In order to gain the most value out of the technology, the user must: a) use and sync their calendar, or b) manually input activities
  2. Initial setup process is confusing to some (syncing the wearable)
  3. Mood is multivariable and does not always map out properly to one of our preset emoticons


Images of our groups digital prototype can be seen below: